Welcome!/ ¡Bienvenidxs!

Welcome to the Latin American Writers Institute (LAWI) of Hostos Community College, CUNY./ Bienvenidas/os/es al Instituto de Escritorxs Latinoamericanxs de Hostos Community College, CUNY.

Thank you for visiting our website. Our mission is public; all of our work is for the public.

Please explore our About page to learn about the mission of the Institute and our page devoted to Hostos Review/ Revista Hostosiana to browse and read its yearly bilingual publication of contemporary literature of the Americas.

LAWI also offers opportunities to practice your writing and learn from experienced, internationally acclaimed authors. You may visit our Creative Writing/ Creación Literaria section to learn about these workshops and seminars in English and Spanish.

Lastly, our Public Events/Eventos públicos tab will take you to the latest and upcoming readings, performances, interviews and other events which are free open to the public. These events have only been virtual since the 2020 pandemic began.

I hope you will be able to join us and enrich our ongoing conversations.

Bienvenidas, Bienvenidos, Bienvenides,

Dr. Inmaculada Lara-Bonilla

Director, Latin American Writers Institute

Chief Editor, Hostos Review/ Revista Hostosiana

Hostos Community College, CUNY