Hostos Review/ Revista Hostosiana

Hostos Review/Revista Hostosiana is the Institute’s multilingual journal devoted to showcasing and disseminating  contemporary literature by Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Latina/o, and Ibero-American writers in Spanish, English, and other languages.


The journal was created in 2004 with the goal of sustaining a quality publishing space and to support literary creation and exchange on topics that are fundamental to contemporary culture across the Americas. Since then, the journal has been published yearly in bilingual and monolingual issues.

Recent issues have been published digitally and can be accessed below by clicking on the cover image.

Most print issues can be requested and will be delivered within a few weeks upon receipt of payment. For these requests of or to obtain more information on the journal, please email the journal’s Chief Editor and Institute’s Director, Professor Lara-Bonilla, at

Current Issue

Issue 17 (Forthcoming)

De las condiciones negras: un diálogo entre el Caribe francófono y el hispano.

Des conditions noires: un dialogue entre les Caraïbes francophones et


(Black Conditions: a French-Spanish Caribbean Dialogue)


Guest Editors: Reynolds Andújar and Jean Jonassaint




Past Issues

         Issue 16

Escritura contemporánea queer en inglés y español en las Américas/

Contemporary Queer Writing in English and Spanish in the Americas


Guest Editors: Claudia Salazar Jiménez and Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes


Issue 15:

Issue 15 front and back cover

Ecos Urbanos:literatura contemporánea en español en Estados Unidos





Issue 14:

Gestures of Memory: Seven Latin American/Latina Women                                                             

Writers of Jewish Origen in the U.S.







Issue 13:

Pulenta Pool: Peruvian Poets in the U.S.                                                                       









Issue 12:

Escritores en tránsito. Narrativa latinoamericana en los Estados Unidos.


Issue 11:

Stirred Ground: Non-Fiction Writing by Contemporary Latina and                                     

Latin American Women Authors.






Issue 10:

Vuela un cuervo sobre la luna. Muestra de poesía

española contemporánea (1959-1980)                                                 







Issue 9:

La hipótesis trasatlántica. Número dedicado a Julio Ortega.


Issue 8:

Invencible del amor a la fortaleza. Once poetas iberoamericanas

en Nueva York.


Issue 7:

Almalafa y caligrafía. Literatura de origen árabe en América Latina


Issue 6:

Antes y después del dinosaurio. El microrrelato en América Latina                         









Issue 5:

El tambor y la palabra. Literatura dominicana contemporánea.


Issue 4:

El tiempo y las palabras. Literatura y cultura judía latinoamericana



Issue 3:

Destellos digitales. Escritores peruanos en los Estados Unidos (1970-2005)


Issue 2:

Open/Mic: New Puerto/NuyorRican Literatures


Issue 1:

La pirámide y el signo. Literatura y cultura de México (siglos XX-XXI)