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LAWI supports local communities of emerging and established authors and works to build bridges between US-based writers and their counterparts in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and other parts of the world by sponsoring and co-sponsoring creative writing workshops, literary readings, seminars, performances, interviews, etc. These activities are available to the general public and may be of particular interest to other authors, students, professors, journalists, reviewers, translators, editors, publishers, and the general public.



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Spring 2021

Three poets from across the Americas offer their poems to musicians, songwriters, and visual artists to weave a dialogue of hope and freedom. Josefina Báez (Dominican Republic / US), Norma Cantú (Mexico/US), and Margarita Drago (Argentina/US) read and discuss each other’s creative processes, as their poems in turn converse with the work of artists and musicians from Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the US. Through these creative exchanges, the poets engage in dialogue to generate a series of braided interdisciplinary works.

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Hope in Com-position
In Collaboration with Carnegie Hall